Earn a Career as a Marine Engineer

At Bahir Dar University, you can train to become a Marine Engineer and obtain a career as an Officer with World-Renown Commercial Vessel Operators.


The Marine Engineering Post Graduate Diploma Program  


Bahir Dar University Maritime Academy in collaboration with Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute (EMTI) is currently conducting a program to train Mechanical Engineering Graduates to become Marine Engineers. A selected 134 Ethiopian Mechanical Engineering Graduates were trained as Marine Engineers. All the graduates are now employed and will be sailing with international shipping organizations from around the world.

On April 21st 2012, Bahir Dar University graduated its first Marine Engineering program at its new Maritime Academy campus at Peda. 90 cadets graduated the program.

 The University, in collaboration with EMTI, is planning to open its 5th  Marine Engineering program on October 1st 2012. The 6th Marine Engineering program, will be opening on the 1st of April 2013.

Career opportunity and Benefits

1.     Work in highly technological, stimulating and demanding environment.

2.     Earn generous salary and benefits, exceeding US$20,000 annually.

3.     Benefit from a stable long term employment with steady promotion.

4.     Develop a marketable and transferable professional skill set with ongoing professional development.

5.     Develop international experience and travel to major destinations around the world.

About our program

1.     The program duration is 6 months.

2.     It will take place at the Maritime Academy campus at Bahir Dar University.

3.     Cadets will have the same living conditions as students at the university.

4.     The curriculum includes over 950 hours of intensive maritime training, discipline, leadership skills for officers, responsibility, multi-tasking skills, basic and advanced training in firefighting, survival and first aid.

5.     EMTI is an elite program at Bahir Dar University.

For those who are interested in applying

For those of you, who are interested in participating in the Marine Engineering Postgraduate Diploma Program and want to get the opportunity of an international job with a renowned shipping organization from around the world, you are invited to apply.



Notice for registration and acceptance procedures:

1.     Requirements

a.     Applicants must possess a BSC degree in Mechanical Engineering from known University in Ethiopia.

b.     Sex:   Male.

c.      Age:  Not more than 27 years of age at the date of application.

d.     Applicants: must be “free and clear” from any training related commitment with any government organization including Ethiopian Airlines, Universities and/or defense related industries and colleges.

e.      Must agree to take medical examinations as per the International Maritime Organization (IMO) medical standard.

f.       Should bring with them their original degrees & 8th grade National Exam Certificate during registration.

g.     Selected applicants may be required to produce release letters from their respective organizations if they are employed elsewhere.

h.     Applicants must be without criminal record or back ground.

2.     How to apply

a.     Applicants can apply from the day this advertisement is announced until the 8th of July 2012.

b.     Applicants can send their documents (student copy + Degree) by email or appear in person:

                                                             i.       Email:

                                                           ii.      BDU website:

                                                        iii.      Maritime Academy Office at Bahir Dar University: BDU Maritime Academy, Peda campus, building #B155, Office of Maritime Academy Commandant.

                                                        iv.      EMTI S.C office in Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Shipping Lines building 5th floor, Kirkos District, Kebele 15/16 (La Gare), during working hours.

3.     Screening process – applicants will have to pass the following screening process before joining the program:

a.     Written exam – sample exam on web site.

b.     Interview panel.

c.      Medical examination.

4.     Additional information

a.     We strongly recommend that all applicants follow our notices on the Maritime Academy web site. All notice, updates and screening results will be advertised via the web site.

b.     Please make sure you get a confirmation email from the academy once you have sent you CV, documents and registration form.

c.      Maritime academy staff will visit selected cities to give information about the program and answer questions – schedule to be advertised separately. Please check maritime academy web site.


Recruitment time table:

1.     Registration -11 Jun-8 Jul 2012

2.     Program presentations in selected cities throughout Ethiopia -25-30 Jun 2012

3.     Entrance examination - 9-22 Jul 2012 (The entrance examination subjects can be found in the University website).

4.     Interview panel and medical examinations for candidates that pass the written exam - 13-26 Aug

5.     Send out finalist list - 27 Aug-2 Sep

6.     1st group starts basic training -  3 Aug 2012

7.     Course begins -1 Oct 2012 


Additional information:

1.     The program duration is 6 months.

2.     During the program, cadets will live in the Maritime Academy dormitories on Peda campus. Accommodation and food service will be with in BDU standards for all students.

3.     On completion of the training, EMTI will find the cadet placement aboard a vessel with an international shipping company.

For further information:

Contact telephone numbers for questions and inquiries:

d.     Maritime academy registration:0588200888 or 09 1864-7329

e.      EMTI S.C office Addis Ababa – 011 554-0554


Program presentation plan – by City: (To be updated)

1.     _____________________________________________

2.     _____________________________________________

3.     _____________________________________________

4.     _____________________________________________